Operate & Defend
your Extended Enterprise

SixMap introduces the world’s first
Automated Network Management & Defense℠ Platform

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No deployment. Only the enterprise name. SixMap Computational Mapping automatically:

SixMap starts simple.
Zero effort.  Immediate value.

Give us your enterprise name.

We give you a complete understanding of your extended network and how to defend it efficiently.

No deployment.  No privileged access.

Sound impossible? Let us prove it.

Graphic chart about SixMap high performance compute

High-Performance Computing Core

  • Tier 1 ISP capabilities enable unparalleled visibility
  • Maps extended enterprises continuously
  • Evaluates enterprises like an attacker
Graphic chart about iterative discovery

Iterative Intelligent Discovery

  • Hyper-efficient discovery leveraging SixMap’s Computational Mapping
  • High-fidelity digestible results from SixMap’s Adaptive Empirical Analysis
  • Full context of an extended enterprise infrastructure
Graphic chart about visibility and analysis platform

Visibility & Analysis Platform

  • Visualizes the complete extended enterprise
  • Analyzes the security posture of all networks and assets
  • Assesses network exposure with full context
Graphic chart about how to manage and defend network structure

Management & Defense

  • Proposes network structure optimizations
  • Generates solutions for maximum impact with minimal effort
  • Verifies resolutions automatically

Seeing is believing.

No setup.  No agents.

Revolutionary value.

Let us show you.


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