Cyber Defense

SixMap tracks the adversaries, knows where they will strike, and gives you a platform to act first.

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The increased velocity of attacks and growing complexities of the extended enterprise are redefining the landscape for cyber defenders.

SixMap is a continuous threat exposure management platform that automatically provides comprehensive enterprise visibility, contextual threat intelligence, and a suite of remediation actions to defend Internet-facing assets against imminent threats.

Don’t just see your threats with SixMap – stop them fast.

SixMap Computational Mapping Platform

From just your company name, SixMap will identify your extended enterprise, Internet-facing services, devices and vulnerabilities. We then enrich this data with contextual information on threat actors and exploitation activity, pinpointing imminent threats to your business. Your team receives actionable solutions with precise steps to stop the threats to your business or can leverage SixMap to push solutions to the network with zero-touch.

No agents to deploy or privileged access — just immediate value.

Start with Enterprise Name Only

Comprehensive Enterprise, Network, and Vulnerability Discovery

Contextual Exposure, Exploit, and Threat Intelligence

Automated Remediation and Validation

SixMap: Trusted Defender of the Fortune 500 and Federal Agencies

SixMap brings deep expertise and best practices from the Intelligence Community to support continuous threat exposure management operations for public and private sector customers.

- Elwin Wong, CISO of Ross Stores

“Out of thousands of Internet-facing assets, SixMap was able to automatically pinpoint the most pressing vulnerabilities that required immediate action based on quantifying the risk by correlating the threat actors and exploitable vulnerabilities. We’re glad they have partnered with AWS to deliver value to their customers.”

-Tim Bengson, CISO of Sherwin Williams

“SixMap has developed a fully automated threat exposure platform that is reducing critical external facing vulnerabilities.”

- United States Army, SBIR I Evaluation

“One of the most powerful cybersecurity capabilities required to operate and defend computer networks … SixMap Computational Mapping provides public and private sector teams automation for network management and defense so that they can efficiently and effectively operate and defend IPv4-only, dual-stack, and IPv6-only networks.”

Achieve Business and Security Outcomes with SixMap

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Auditable Risk Mitigation

When you use SixMap to take actions that stop specific adversaries and attacks, you obtain continuous validation of your remediation efforts and return on investment with evidence-based, auditable results over time, including quantified proof of averted losses.

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Improved Operational Efficiency

By streamlining the risk reduction process to demonstrable threats, SixMap force multiplies your security team’s ability to achieve desired security outcomes.

See the SixMap Platform in Action

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