How Will You Use SixMap Data?

Powered by our High Performance Computing cluster, SixMap’s proprietary big data fusion & analytics provides outputs to meet your various use-cases.

Simplified Empirical Analysis

Index your network

Allow organizations to meticulously monitor and plan their transition during IPv4 only, dual stack, and IPv6 only deployments.

Dive deep into your network stack

Provide ground truth data to detect and resolve misconfiguration of existing security tools and achieve an ideal network security posture.

See from the attacker’s vantage point

Preempt exploits by providing a triaged index of externally exposed CVEs and open ports.

Take Back Control of Your
Deployed Network Visibility

Observe your network deployment progress and risk mitigation success.
Triage vulnerabilities on hosts associated with your IPs down to the service version and port activity, even if they belong to the partners on your network.
Navigate your port activities to identify misalignments and policy configurations across the two protocols.
Scrutinize every service on your network.
Inspect your network to quickly grasp how your network dynamically evolves.

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